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Captains Meghan Boyle Jillian Smerechniak
CJ Arena Conor Rutigliano


November 30, 2016
Friars Width Workout Challenge


Place Athlete (s) #
1st Ian Fitzpatrick & Justin Meyn 56
2nd Conor Rutigliano & CJ Arena 54
3rd Burke Sansiviero & Conor Towers 53

Swimmers compete by completing as many "widths" of the pool in 2 minutes.  

There are 5 different events:  1) free kick  2) free swim  3) fly kick  4) breaststroke swim  5) no-breath freestyle swim


Boys' 2016-17 Results
vs. St. Peter's
Record 3-0


Friars tear up the pool in Staten Island as Andrew Stange, CJ Arena, and Justin Meyn qualify for States

It was a little stressful having to change the meet to one day earlier... but the Friars do what they always do best, Swim Fast!

**  and shout out to the security guard who rescued our intelligent Friars who locked themselves in the locker room!  haha 

Dylan Champagne is still looking impressive as he swims a 1:48 200 free, as Ian Fitzpatrick, Josh Giardinelli, and Billy Swartwout all back him up with 1:54's.

Konall Keane had an impressive win in the 50 free.

Rory Hughes and Regan Bruno continue to improve and adding depth to our diving squad.  (shout out to Meghan Boyle... good luck dancing!)

Rutigliano looking strong in his 55.10 100 fly win.

**  I was already celebrating at the 22.75 split... as Andrew Stange swam a very impressive State Qualifying 47.67 in the 100 free!

**  The counter held steady... as CJ Arena tore up the pool at CSI and swam away with his State Qualifying 4:43.19! 

**   With a great push from Jordan Fargo's 55.87, Justin Meyn won the 100 backstroke with a State Qualifying 54.85!

Defeating St. Peter's top swimmer, Burke Sansiviero has an impressive win in the 100 breaststroke!  (shout out to Gavin Boyd after returning from jaw surgery, great to have you back!)

Incredible job Friars!

vs. Xaverian
Record 2-0

Dylan Champagne leads the Friars over Xaverian with a record breaking, State Qualifying swim

Dylan Champagne called it....  he wanted to get the cut:

He set a new St. Anthony's Short Course Meter Record as he swims the Friars first state qualifying time of the season in the 400 free (4:14.22)!


Josh Giardinelli had an impressive win in the 200m free (2:04.86).

Conor Towers and Burke Sansiviero gave the Friars a 1-2 finish with both guys swimming a 2:25 in the 200m IM.

Michael Chang dominated the 50m free - 25.94

Jake Krotz soared into first place in the diving event, and shout out to Regan Bruno with her first official diving event!

Fitzpatrick, Stoski, and Lucas go 1-2-3 in the fly!

Freshmen Chris Stange and Trevor Griffin sprinted to a 1-2 finish in the 100m free.

Andrew Stange and CJ Arena swam a 1-2 finish in... that's right, backstroke! ha   (and just off the State cut!)

Freshman Joe Welling made "A" Champs in his first ever Friars meet!  (100 breast)  Way to go, Joe!

vs. McClancy
Record 1-0

New Friars shine in season Home Opener!

It was the Friars first meeting with McClancy.  Highlighting a new Friar in each event, we already see the depth of the team this year.  Most importantly, we [the coaches] were happy to see the sportsmanship and camaraderie shown by the reigning State Champions.  We are not just champions IN the water, but out of the water, as well.  Our seniors are already showing how strong their leadership is, and our new Friars are completely respectful toward them.  They are completely on board with the Friars "never quit" attitude that they have shown over the past years.  We don't ever slow down!

We have one exciting season ahead of us, and we are just getting started!

With this team... don't Blink!  You just might miss something!



Lady Friars finish 4th at the 2016 State Championships!


200 Medley Relay:
(Caruana, Pikulik, Mattutat, Clancy)
200 Free Relay:
(Meyers, Smerechniak, Bardak, Gellineau)
400 Free Relay:  
(Bardak, Meyers, Smerechniak, Gellineau)
200 Free:
Briana Gellineau
100 Back: 
Beth Caruana
100 Breast: 
Jillian Smerechniak
200 IM: 
Emily Bardak
100 Free:
Emily Bardak
500 Free: 
Briana Gellineau


2016 Paper Airplane Champion 
Hannah Harkins
Sacred Heart

Friars 2016 State Team

Emily Bardak

Beth Caruana

Katherine Meyers

Jillian Smerechniak

Danielle Pikulik

Kiersten Clancy

Gabby Mattutat

Michelle Franco

Briana Gellineau


Friars elected CJ Arena & Conor Rutigliano as 2016-17 captains.


2016 Champs 
Prelims       Final Results     Team Scores





Holy Cow!!!

Was that not one of the greatest prelim performances you've ever seen?!?!?!

That was crazy! 

This team is on a mission!

**  Briana Gellineau broke an 11 year old record in the 200 free (1:53.83)...  then, Jillian Smerechniak broke a 10 year old record in the 100 breast (1:07.42)!

**  EVERY EVENT we are seeded awesome for today.

I haven't done the math yet, but I will because there is a possibility that this team can break the all time league points record...????  we'll see... 


**  Parents, wear your Black and Gold, and get your camera's out for the end of this one!

We're looking to make HISTORY!!!!!

Swimmers, it is a 12:00 noon warm up and lets hope we have extra lanes like yesterday.  You were incredibley cooperative during warmup....  great job again!






Boys Swimming and Diving Team (2016-17)

This was an extremely talented group trying out for the Boys Varsity Swim/Diving Team.  Everyone did an amazing job!  I congratulate all of you on your hard work and tremendous effort. 

The following have made the team for the 2016-17 season. 

Please come to practice Tuesday, November 1st.



Trevor Griffin

Joseph McLaughlin

Cole McNulty

Sebastian Quiceno

Timothy Rupnarain

Chris Stange

William Swartwout

Joe Welling

Jonathan Wu

Danny Zahn


Dylan Champagne

Michael Chang

Ian Fitzpatrick

Joshua Giardinelli

Konall Keane

Justin Meyn

Michael Stoski

Connor Sullivan


Jordan Fargo

Rory Hughes

Connor Lucas

Kate McKevitt

Fred Rupmarian

Burke Sansiviero

Connor Towers


CJ Arena

Gavin Boyd

Meghan Boyle

Daniel Cellamare

Jake Krotz

Arya Mahabadi

Mike Mao

Cade McCormack

Conor Rutigliano

Andrew Stange

John Sterbens 


Save the date!

The meet vs. Paul VI (Fairfax, VA.)

will be held at the HHH Natatorium on:

 SUNDAY, January 8th

The St. Anthony's Father/Daughter dance is on Saturday evening, January 7th.



 Meet #3 (record 3-0)

 Senior Beth Caruana leads the Friars in their third win of the season as she qualifies for States in the 100 back!

 After the best practice week of the season so far, the Lady Friars are shining in their races.  Emily Bardak's 200 free missed a State cut by just .8 seconds!  Freshman Briana Gellineau swam an awesome 200 IM, followed by Kristen Clancy and freshman Lily Lancellotti. 

Abby Federlein continues to swim her best time.  Gabby Matuttat is looking stronger than ever in her freestyle.  To be a deep team, you must learn to swim successfully out of your comfort zone, as displayed by Hanna Skrodanes, Sarah Schatz, and Danielle Pikulik in the 100 fly.  Adding to that list, is Deijah Harris who killed it in the 100 free.

In my opinion, one of the hardest State cuts to make right now is the 100 breast, and Jillian Smerechniak missed it by just one second!  And of course, the meet was capped off with Beth Caruana qualifying for States in Ithaca, NY in the 100 back!

Prayers for Christina of Holy Trinity, who we hope recovers from her asthma attack and is back with her teammates as soon as possible.

 Meet #2 (record 2-0)

 Junior, Emily Bardak and the 200 Medley Relay, consisting of Beth Caruana, Jillian Smerechniak, Emily Bardak, and Briana Gellineau qualify for States in Ithaca, NY.

 What a way to start the meet!  Beth Caruana, Jillian Smerechniak, Emily Bardak, and freshman Briana Gellineau qualified St. Anthony's for the 200 Medley Relay! 

Kirsten Clancy and Amanda Nasti followed that up with a 1-2 finish in the 200 free!

Amanda Heinz looked incredibly strong winning the 200 IM. Sarah Schatz and Mary Tonna had a great 1-2 finish in the 50 fly.

Emily Bardak qualified for States in the 100 fly (59.43) with Briana Gellineau right behind her.  Freshman Michelle Wolf had her best swim of the season so far in the 100 free.

Freshan Frankie Pellegrino and Pleasant Palmer also turned in a 1-2 finish in the 100 free.

Winning the 500 free, was senior Brittney Kudla!

Sarah Schatz had a great swim winning the 50 back.  Dropping almost 5 seconds off her best time was Deijah Harris!  Amanda Heinz was just awesome winning the 100 breast.

Great job all around by the Lady Friars!

 Meet #1 (record 1-0)

Lady Friars open their dual meet season with a victory over OLMA:

With the addition of 10 new Freshmen, the Lady Friars are looking like a deep team once again.  Deijah Harris' C Medley Relay (Schatz, Edmonds, Bardak, Harris) started us off with a huge "touchout" of the OLMA B relay.  The cheers and team camaraderie continued from there.

Jillian Smerechniak was a double winner (200 IM and 100 Breast).  Regan Bruno and Vanessa Franco both were 50 freestyle winners.  Sydney Bernhardt and Brittney Kudla BOTH had commanding wins in the 100 free.  Despite losing her cap... (oh, these cap problems are stressing Coach Dan out!) Amanda Nasti won the 500 free by over 32 seconds!  And our backstrokers were dominant with a 1,2,3 in the 50 (Connolly, Silva, Marino) and a huge 1,2 in the 100 by Beth Caruana and freshman Briana Gellineau.



St. Anthony’s Women’s Swim Team 2016

We always have a talented group trying out for the Girls Varsity Swim Team.  This year was simply outstanding talent! Everyone did an amazing job!  I congratulate all of you on your hard work and tremendous effort.  The following have made the team for the 2016 season.  Please keep checking your email for info, and come to practice on Thursday, Sept. 8th with your completed uniform order.


Skye Bates

Gracie Edmonds

Abigail Federlein

Michelle Franco

Kat Gamble

Briana Gellineau

Lily Lancellotti

Jenn Nagle

Frankie Pellegrino

Sophia Theodorous

Michelle Wolf


Regan Bruno

Alannah Chernik

Kiersten Clancy

Vanessa Franco

Amanda Heinz

Niaz Najafi

Amanda Nasti

Danielle Pikulik

Sarah Schatz

Hanna Skrodanes


Emily Bardak

Sydney Bernhardt

Deijah Harris

Celine Marino

Gabriella Mattutat

Katelyn McKevitt

Pleasant Palmer


Meghan Boyle

Beth Ann Caruana

Devon Connolly

Devin Gilio

Brittney Kudla

Lauren Kryger

Danielle McCabe

Katherine Meyers

Margie Nelan

Samantha Silva

Jillian Smerechniak

Mary Tonna


What do the Friars do best????


Friar Justin Meyn WON the Fire Island Ocean Swim in a time of 24:22, over 4 minutes faster than the next open water swimmer!

Congratulations Justin!



Swim Across America

This August I will be participating in the Swim Across America to help fight the battle against cancer. I will be doing an open water swim in the Long Island Sound. In spite of my fear of open water, I am doing this because it is for a great cause.

Together as a team we have accomplished many great things, especially this year. I am hoping to add another event to that huge list, but can't do it alone.  I have created a team, The Fintastiks, and am looking for people to join me in the swim.

 Swim Across America, Inc., [SAA] is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming- related events. With the help of hundreds of volunteers nationwide and past and current Olympians, SAA is helping find a cure for different types of cancer through athleticism, community outreach and direct service.

They have raised over 60 million dollars so far to go towards the cure. Cancer affects millions of people every year and by participating and/or donating through Swim Across America, we can help make a difference.

 I would greatly appreciate your support. I would love to swim with you and have as many Friars as possible join. Last year CJ Arena and I raised over 2,000 dollars. This year our team goal is to raise 2,500 dollars, but I would like to raise a lot more. I thank you in advance for helping me. Please follow the directions below to join the team or make a donation.

 The swim is on August 6th.

 Click here to visit my personal page.

If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address: 

Click here to view the team page for The Fintastiks

If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

 The swim is a ton of fun. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you so much.

JD Sterbens


Friars continue their undefeated year at the

Maggie Fischer Memorial Cross Bay Swim!

 2015-16 has been the Friars' best overall year in history!

The record-setting year was capped off at the Maggie Fischer Memorial Cross Bay Swim

with a 1-2-3 (and 32... haha) Friar finish.

After last year's perfect conditions... there was much anticipation and excitement heading into this year's 5.6 mile swim.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to kick up some wind and give us a real challenge this year.

But the choppy conditions didn't stop the Friars!

CJ Arena was the overall winner with an astounding 1:43.37! CJ was just 20 seconds off the Cross Bay record set last year.  That record previously stood for 25 years!  People were just amazed at CJ's performance.

He was followed up by his State Champion teammate and Captain Noah Chernik!  And, Noah lost his kayaker right at the start and still turned in one of the greatest swims in history!


Placing 3rd overall was our Friar Captain Meghan Slattery with one of the fastest female swims in history!

I was told she is only the 3rd female in history to break the 2 hour mark with her 1:56.48!

Slatts followed in Coach Liz's footsteps as she also finished 3rd overall on 8/18/2000! 


Huge "Shout Out" to Conor Sullivan's Mom... Mary Sullivan

Mary has crossed the bay for her second time and finished FIRST in her age group!  (You can't STOP these Friars!)

Congratulations Mary on an awesome swim!!!

Special Thank You to my Friar alum training partner Garret Golden '00 who crossed the finish with me.  Not too surprised as we train and swim exactly the same.  Garret is second in "all-time" crossings with 15... and this year was his life-time best time!  ** Way to go buddy!


Shout out to Rob McNulty, now a father of two Friars and consistently a top finisher in the cross bay.  ** You sign the check... you're a Friar too pal! 


Thanks to anyone/all who prayed or made donations to this swim in support of any of these athletes!


Congrats to Friar Amanda Nasti who did a phenomenal open water swim in the Montauk challenge.

Good Luck to Friar JD Sterbens in his upcoming Swim Across America open water swim... details of his swim to follow!

 What a summer... what a year!!!!

Congrats to all!




All-American Friars
200 Medley Relay: 
Tyler Meyers
Michael Chang
Andrew Stange
Sean Cannon
Number 1 in NYS (2nd straight year)

St. Anthony's school record: 1:34.09

All-American #65
50 Freestyle:  Sean Cannon The fastest sprinter in Friar history:  20.77

All-American #69

400 Freestyle Relay:

Sean Cannnon
Noah Chernin
Tyler Meyers
Andrew Stange

 3rd overall in NYS

St. Anthony's school record:  3:07.20

All-American #61

 click here

All-American Consideration 
500 free:  CJ Arena
Currently ranked #112

Please take a moment to really let it sink in as to how incredible these swims really are, especially that all of these accomplishments happened to one team in a single season.


 St. Anthony's Friars:  NEW YORK STATE CHAMPIONS (2016)