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Team Captains:  Kylie Danin, Cassie Gharnit, Ashley Jiran 

Girls Varsity Swim Tryouts September 2, 2014


Upcoming Schedule

Tues, Aug 26th

Tryouts for Current Varsity Members (last seasons) 6 am

Thurs, Aug 28th

Morning Practice  6am

Tues, Sept. 2nd

TRYOUTS FOR NEW GIRLS!  6am  Half Hollow Hills West

Thurs, Sept 4th 

Morning practice for FULL TEAM!

Friday, Sept 26th

Relay Carnival


Girls Swim Team Information for NEW Swimmers & Divers

 Blue Cards:

“Blue Cards” are picked up in the AD’s (Athletic Director, Mr. Donal Buckley) Office.  The Blue Card, proof of current physical, and insurance money ($20) are brought to the Nurses’ Office.  Once approved, the nurse then stamps the blue card, which is then brought back to the AD’s Office and the athlete is put on the “Cleared to Participate” list for swimming.


Tryouts this year for all NEW swimmers will be held on Tues. Sept. 3rd at 6 AM at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium. 

Half Hollow Hills Natatorium is 1/2 mile East of St. Anthony's on Wolf Hill Road


Practices are held every Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6-7 am at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium (our “home” pool).  The swimmers are then bussed to St. Anthony’s for school.


Our season consists of approx. 7-8 dual meets vs. other Catholic Schools in the NSCHSGAA League.  Our “home” meets are held on Sat. evenings.  We also have one non-league meet in Jan. (boys and girls teams) vs. Paul VI which is a travel meet every other year.  This year will be a Travel meet. 


“Champs” is a two day Trial/Final pre-seeded meet.  It is mandatory to attend this meet whether you are swimming in the meet or not.  For more info on Champs:  please see the article in the “Coaches Corner” of our website.  www.FriarSwimming.com


Qualifying times are posted on our web site.  Please click on the “cut times” button.  States this year will be held in Ithaca.

Web Site:

Our team web site is:   www.FriarSwimming.com

General Info:

We are one Varsity team consisting of all grades 9-12.

Nurse’s Summer Hours:


Tryouts for all CURRENT Girls Varsity Swimmers:

Your tryouts will be held on: Tuesday, August 27th at 6:00 am (regular time)

You MUST be cleared to swim!  NO exceptions!

All swimmers & divers must be cleared with the AD's office in order to tryout.  

BLUE Cards must be turned in.  NO Exceptions!