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John Tonna

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Jess Zoine


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Congratulations to the Friars Class of 2014

Thank you for leading us to one of our most successful years for both our Boys and Girls Teams.   You have all forever left your mark here for the Friars! 

The Class of 2014

Melissa Bischoff

Lauren Kneessy

Kevin Boyle

Nicole Mejia

Michael Capodanno

Alex Schnabel

Kim Duong

Erica Swartwout

Emma Guastella

John Tonna

Collin Hayes

Tyler Williams

Kevin Keane

Jessica Zoine

Congratulations to:

Jess Zoine (2014 Marine Corps Award) and

Melissa Bischoff (2014 Distinguished Student Athlete Award)



Swimming information:  Fall 2014

·        You must be cleared to swim - no exceptions


Girls Swim Team Information for NEW swimmers

 Blue Cards:  “Blue Cards” are picked up in the AD’s (Athletic Director, Mr. Donal Buckley) Office.  The Blue Card, proof of current physical, and insurance money ($20) are brought to the Nurses’ Office.  Once approved, the nurse then stamps the blue card, which is then brought back to the AD’s Office and the athlete is put on the “Cleared to Participate” list for swimming.

Fall 2014 Tryouts:

Tryouts this year for all NEW swimmers will be held on Tues. Sept. 2nd at 6 AM at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium.

Half Hollow Hills Natatorium is 1/2 mile East of St. Anthony's on Wolf Hill Road


Practices are held every Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6-7 am at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium (our “home” pool).  The swimmers are then bussed to St. Anthony’s for school.


Our season consists of approx. 7-8 dual meets vs. other Catholic Schools in the NSCHSGAA League.  Our “home” meets are held on Sat. evenings.  We also have one non-league meet in Jan. (boys and girls teams) vs. Paul VI which is a travel meet every other year.  This year will be a Home meet that we will be Hosting.  Attendance is required at this special meet.


“Champs” is a two day Trial/Final pre-seeded meet.  It is mandatory to attend this meet whether you are swimming in the meet or not.  For more info on Champs:  please see the article in the “Coaches Corner” of our website.  www.FriarSwimming.com


Qualifying times are posted on our web site.  Please click on the “cut times” button.

Web Site:

Our team web site is:   www.FriarSwimming.com

General Information:

We are one Varsity team consisting of all grades 9-12.

Nurse’s Summer Hours:

     The school nurse will be in her office from 8 AM - 1 PM on:

Tuesday, August 12th, Wednesday, August 13th, Thursday, August 14th, Friday, August 15th

     And, 8 AM – 12 PM on Monday, August 18th, Tuesday, August 19th, Wednesday, August 20th and Thursday, August 21st.

Tryouts for all CURRENT Girls Varsity Swimmers:

Your tryouts will be held on: Tuesday, August 26th at 6:00 am (regular time)

You MUST be cleared to swim!  NO exceptions!

All Swimmers must be Cleared with the AD's office to tryout.  BLUE Cards must be turned in.  NO Exceptions




John Santangelo (Friar Captain '05) on his recent engagement.



Senior Watch

The following seniors have made their final decisions as to which colleges to attend:

Erica Swartwout

Princeton University

Michael Capodanno

Fairfield University

Lauren Kneessy

University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill

Alex Schnabel

SUNY Maritime

John Tonna

Villanova University

Melissa Bischoff

University of Chicago



Erica Swartwout has been awarded Academic All-American! 

Erica has also been contacted by the U.S. Olympic Committee and was invited to the Olympic crew training camp.  Erica will be rowing for Princeton in the Fall.


State Championships

Webster, New York

Eleven Friars represented St. Anthony's High School and the NYCHSAA at the New York State Championships.

Friars State Team

John Tonna

Ben Howard

Sean Cannon

Michael Capodanno

Zach Towers

Kyle Barry

Brian Wendland

Kevin Keane

Tyler Williams

Collin Hayes

Tyler Meyers

Friars end the season in indelible fashion!

 I’m sure by now… you’ve heard it all!

Fordham winning states yet again for the 4th consecutive year.  The CHSAA winning its 7th State title in 14 years.  Ten of the 11 swimming events (all but the 200 free) were new State records.  (Some even multiple times  just heats later!)   The crowd on hand giving standing ovations and applauding for minutes at a time for some of the swims that they had the pleasure of witnessing right before their very eyes! 

But through all the amazements… the records… the superstars… adding up to being the BEST New York State HS meet of all time….      THE FRIARS are the Number 1 scoring Team on Long Island placing 6th overall and setting FIVE new school records of their own!  That’s right… we weren’t lost in the shuffle.  We are IN the shuffle!  I can’t emphasize enough that we compete in the TOP league in the state. 

A big part of our success in Webster, NY was where we always draw our strength from.  Our teammates who consistently pull for each other and get them to rise to the occasion.  We had Eleven Friars on the CHSAA state team this year.  We truly felt like a team that was just as determined to shine like we did at Champs just weeks earlier.  Our 200 Medley Relay (Tonna, Howard, Cannon, Capodanno) kicked us off with an awesome 12th in the state finish.  (65 participating teams this year).

Zach Towers continued in the 200 free as he smashed is own record with a 142.77 in the 200 free!  Are you kidding me!

For his second year in a row, sophomore Kyle Barry had a good swim in the 200 IM and is going to be an incredible leader in this team’s future.

The consistency and talent of our young sophomore Sean Cannon is just amazing.  His passive exterior is no match for his fiery interior that fuels his true passion to RACE.  He broke his own 50 free record with a 21.45!  He now even has his sights set on the 100 free record as he is only .18 away with his rocking 47.17!

It was a shining moment at Champs when Brian Wendland made the 500.  He had another great 500 free that will definitely get him prepared for next year when he leads this team.

In the 100 fly, Zach Towers had a great swim in Trials with a 51.18 that landed him in the 8th spot in Finals… but it was just awesome to see him rip up that outside lane and place 5th overall with a New Team Record 50.54!

In the words of Coach Scott, Tyler Williams has become the superstar swimmer we always knew he’d be.  I can’t help but smile from ear to ear every time Tyler gets on that block (because he truly hates to initially get IN the water everyday… haha.  Sorry Tyler, had to add it!) because he is doing something worth cheering for.  His 53.63 100 fly and 22. 50 free splits were monumental moments in his swimming career.

I’m sure you all remember the unforgettable 200 free relay from Champs…  well our same 4 Friars (Cannon 21.45, Towers 21.60, Williams 22.12, Keane 22.69) were absolutely flying as they even broke their own Team Record again with a 12th place overall finish 1:27.86! 

*  OK… look at those splits again!  (Cannon 21.45, Towers 21.60, Williams 22.12, Keane 22.69)  That’s right… so good I had to list ‘em twice!

There was a moment in the 100 breast event when the State record was broken.  Yes, it was an incredible swim.  Just as the crowd settled in from cheering… two heats later, a swimmer that I am a personal fan of, Ben Cono, smashed that record again!  But what made it even more special for me… was over in the other lane was none other then our own Friar Ben Howard!  Yes, he has gotten the confidence that he needed because he is right with the Best that NYS has to offer!  I can’t wait to see what the CHSAA league Champ is going to do next year!

I love Tyler Meyers’ backstroke… his technique is just so awesome.  But my favorite part of his States wasn’t his two 54.’s… it was how he jumped up, pumped his fist, and cheered that he made finals and was getting to swim again.  Nothing like a swimmer excited to compete!  And… two heats later, Tonna swam another incredible 100 backstroke with a 52.64!

John Tonna is just amazing.  I leaned on Tonna this year.  A lot.  And one thing that he will never do is disappoint.  Every pressure situation this team was in this year, I was in Tonna’s ear first.  And right before the Granddaddy, (the 400 free relay) was no different.  To be successful at this level, all four teammates must swim as one.  Not four separate swims… just One Great swim.  And Tonna had to get us started.

The ready room looked awesome.  Stocked full of CHSAA caps.  The best of the best in the State were there.  Fordham, Canisus, Chaminade, Ithaca, Pittford, etc… relays that are as good as they come.  I mean… you needed about a 3:13 relay just to be in this heat!  I remember that being a winning relay time just years ago. 

But just like last year, this is where the Friars belong.  Because, we too are one of the best.  It was these same for Friars walking out of the ready room with their hoods up so you can’t tell who is who.  They are already One. 

As Mr. Bill Hayes put it so perfectly… We’ve waited 365 days for this moment.

It was unfinished business as the Friars put on their goggles, jumped around getting their heart rates up, and exhaled every breath like a runaway locomotive.  This was their time.  Time to take back what was theirs. 

Yes, it was a satisfying 3:12 swim at Champs when they finally got the record that was lost at this meet last year, but deep in their hearts I know they wanted that 3:10. 

It was Tonna time.  Putting four awesome years of swimming for the Friars into just four laps, he split his best 22.95 at the 50, and a personal best 47.44 that cracked my voice as I screamed for our lead off swim!  Off the block was our ace in the deck Zach Towers… our fastest split in the 2 spot.  I literally was shaking Dr. Cap by the shoulders as we both screamed “we’re in second place”!  Yes, Fordham was in front… but the noticeable surprise was the Friars right there and in front of the rest!  Zach’s blistering 46.22 indeed has us 2nd!     (Holy Crap! * I scream into Doc’s ear!)


In Trials, Collin Hayes had an awesome 100 free.  With his best ever 23.11 split, I actually gave him a proud hug because I was happy with his 48-low swim.  But the best feeling I had was as we were discussing his swim, he just gave me a big Collin “smile” and said… “Coach, I felt so good I know I can do even better”.  And, off the block he went!  I can see how focused he was as I stood right over their lane to watch.  This was his moment to shine!  All 47.76 seconds of it!  What a swim!  And off the block goes our anchor, Michael Capodanno.  Only, he was anything but as he rode high on the water.  Cap was doing what he did for all our biggest meets… the big job of holding off the best that every other team has on the end of their relays.  Except for Fordham with their fastest in the State three years running, it was a full on race!  Caps arms grabbing water with everything he had… because last year we were 5th… and we want better!  Hands all flew onto the touchpads as my arms flew over my head:  celebrating what my eyes couldn’t look fast enough at the clock.  Throughout Caps final lap, I could only repeat, “We’re hitting single digits… we’re hitting single digits!”  I felt it, I saw Caps hand touch third, and now I had to see it on the board…


Its right there… 3:09.62!  And the 3rd fastest Relay in NY State!

They achieved their year-long goal smashing their former record as well as their cardinal 3:10. of  2013.  It was so fitting that this relay defined this year’s season:  That these Friars have earned a reputation.  A reputation that they work as hard as any team out there, they will give 100% effort for themselves and their teammates, and they will fight to the last stroke. 

In the fastest meet in NY history, the Friars have earned their place as the 6th overall, and Top team on Long Island.  And I am very Blessed that I had a front row seat to watch it all!


Thank you to my dear friends who coach with me, Beth, Scott, and John.  You truly make up the best HS coaching staff there is!

Thanks to all the parents who LOVE getting up at 5am (haha), and cheer at every event as hard as I do.

And to the swimmers and divers of this amazing team… Good for you to give yourselves a season to brag about for the rest of your lives!



Friar Team Speedo Backpacks will be available for any NEW swimmer or diver.

They are the SAME backpack that the boys/girls teams received last year.  

$52 each

Please let Coach Dan know by Wednesday February 18th if interested.



2014 NYCHSAA Swimming & Diving Championships


 Friars efforts standout at Champs!!




I just drove home in silence.  Nothing but the thoughts rolling around in my head of the events I just had a front row seat to witness.  And every one of them stretched the smile on my face a little further. 

Walking the 10 minute walk to the parking lot with Coach Scott gave me time to reflect the joy we experienced that we only compared to winning the 2010 Championship.  Because that’s how I felt.  Being only 24 points away from 2nd place never felt like such a victory.  I really don’t want this to sound to cliché… but for the people who were in that room at Eisenhower were Blessed to witness, there really is something to be said about the “heart of a Friar”. 

From top to bottom, this team gave it it’s all… and them some!  In order to compete at Champs, it takes an entire team.  Not just one fast guy.  For three days… every event, every swim, every point, matters.  And that’s exactly what this team did.  This team is known to be a fighter.  Never quitting, and never slowing down for anything.  That’s what they did all season… and they perfected it this weekend.

There were So Many memorable moments.  Our Medlay Relay with its season best.  Zach Towers incredible 1:43.3 200 free.  Kyle Barry, Joe Fouad, Tyler Meyers, and Ben Howard all dropping time to score us extra points in the 200IM.

It was Sean Cannon’s victorious 50 free (side note:  Sean broke his own 50 free Team Record leading off the 200 free relay: 21.60) that got the whole team up on its feet and my good friend Ed Cannon yelling “That’s my boy” to me over the railing!  (love that!)   The excitement continued as Zach Towers set another New School Record in the 100 fly with a 50.79!  Tyler Williams had the meet of his life (good timing Tyler!) with a 22.40 50 free and 53.63 100 fly that both put him in the finals! 

The point gap continued to close as the Friars rocked the 100 free with Michael “Cap” Capodanno celebrating as he killed his heat.  He was followed by Collin Hayes, Sean Cannon and John Tonna (8,5,3) ripping up the pool for one of our biggest scoring events of the day. 

I must admit, I had a special place in my heart for our 200 free relay.  With Saturday’s success of Tyler Williams and Kevin Keane, our relay quickly took on a whole new vibe.  And the Friar Fan in me desperately wanted them to break the team record.  Well I got my wish!  Sean Cannon (21.69), Zach Towers (21.71), Tyler Williams (21.78), and YES… Kevin Keane (22.72) swam themselves into Friar History with a new Team Record 1:27.90! 

(side note:  for the 1st time in Friar history we swam a “B” relay at Champs.  JD Sterbens, Carnevale, Boyle, and Caulfield were 4 of the most proud guys to represent their team.  Well deserved!)

Our point deficit shrunk to just 21 points, and we had another powerhouse event up.  Two days of excitement had all our hearts racing… including Conor Rutigliano and Brian Wendland who both “manned up” in their 100 back heat and moved up huge much needed spots.  Tyler Meyers beautiful stroke made it look easy as he made states with his State Qualifying 6th place, 54.00.  And one of the strongest finishers the Friars have ever had John Tonna put his hand on the wall with an awesome 3rd place 52.60, it put the Friars within 8 points of 2nd!

It was on Saturday evening when I challenged my team to get up on the block this weekend and make a memory that will last them a lifetime.  I never thought any of my words would ever be taken so much to heart.  Well I have to say Ben Howard gave ME a lifetime memory.  I will never forget that walk of determination by the “little guy” in the field of giants who marched to his outer lane… and on pure determination, came off that final wall like he had a jet pack on his back and Won the 100 breast with a State Qualifying 59.83!  When his entire team ran to the bulkhead to hug their brother in a congratulatory embrace… it became one of the lifetime moments that this team will talk about forever. 

We happen to be down by 21 points.  2nd place is no longer in reach without a DQ.  But this is the Friars who never lay down.  We have come to our final act.  Led by John Tonna (47.53), Zach Towers (46.55), Collin Hayes (48.98), and anchored by Michael Capodanno (48.98), the Friars went out with Style as they set yet another new School Record with a blazing 3:12.00!

This was meant to be a small congratulatory email.  But as I sat down my fingers kept typing… and I will never get this out!

Congrats to All our divers and swimmers who gave 100% of their heart and soul from mid-October to this very weekend to make this season so special.  If you haven’t been mentioned here yet… you are not forgotten.  I will put together a Champs Review as soon as I get more time.  Till then… I thank all my Coaches, Dr. Cap, the parents who were screaming in the stands above us (yes, we heard you) and to everyone who made this Champs Weekend so memorable!  Yes, Sir Ed Cannon, I didn’t want the meet to ever end either! 

I am truly Blessed and honored to be called your coach,

Coach Dan



FYI:  this stuff just keeps popping into my head… we are sending an incredible 11 (that’s ELEVEN) Friars to States!!!

 Parents going to States ... here is the link for Tickets!!!





**  Congrats to both Brendan Ryan and Eloery Lee who both finished 2-3 in the 100 breast last Saturday at B Champs!

(side note: Eloery won his first-ever swimming medal!)



2013-14 Men's Results

Meet #1:

Friars take season opener over KMHS for 1st win of the season!

 The Friars looked strong and very prepared as double winners, Sean Cannon and Kyle Barry lead the Friars over Kellenberg.  Meyers, Howard, Cannon, and Capodanno set the tone of the meet with a commanding win in the 200 Med. Relay.  LeeAnn Santore gave a great performance winning the Springboard Diving event.  Freshman CJ Arena got his first career Friar win in the 400M free.  Wendland's backstroke looked better than ever, and Howard and Fouad provided a great 1-2 punch in the 100 breaststroke!

Next Meet:   This Wed, Dec 4th vs St. Francis Prep at Queens College 5:00PM.

Come cheer on the Friars!

Meet #2:

 The Friars qualify their 200 Medley Relay with a win in Queens!

 Tonna, Howard, Towers, and Cannon lead the Friars in their win over St. Francis Prep as they qualify the 200 Med. Relay with a 1:39.86.

Sr. Tyler Williams was dominant with an awesome 55.6 100 fly.  Sean McShane qualified for "A" Champs in both the 200 IM and the 100 back.  Michael Capodanno went a 1:52 200 free in only the second meet of the season.  And... Sean Cannon wins the 100 breast!

Meet #3:

 The Friars show depth in win vs. St. John's.

 Each swimmer did one individual event each.  Mike Caulfield did a personal best 200 free.  Freshmen CJ Arena, Conor Rutigliano, and Gavin Boyd went 1,2,3 in the 100 breast.  Eloery Lee completed his first 100 breast!

Meet #4:

Friars win in Back to Back meets.

 Sean Cannon and John Tonna lead the Friars as they are both double winners in win over St. Peter's from Staten Island.

Tyler Williams and Collin Hayes dual it out in the 100 breast... as Tyler wins bragging rights!  Freshman diver Jake Krotz is improving every time he gets on the board!

Meet #5:

 Tonna breaks 15 year old record in Friars over Xavier!

 John Tonna breaks Bryan Evangelista's 15 year old 100 Meter free record with a State Qualifying 53.13!  John also qualified for states in the 100 back.

And it didn't stop there...

Sean Cannon qualified for Both the 50 AND 100 free sprinting events for States!

Zach Towers was a double winner in the 200 IM and 400 free.

Ben Howard continues to win the 100 breast each time he has swam it so far.  

Meet #6:

 Zach Towers leads the Friars in win over Iona Prep

 Zach Towers qualified for the 100 fly with a 52.64! 

AND...   Lee Ann Santore remains Undefeated in all 6 meets of the season so far!

The Friars qualified Both the 200 free AND 400 free relays (Capodanno, Tonna, Cannon, Towers) for States!  This gives the Friars qualifying times in all three relays! 

Kyle Barry has an awesome 2nd half winning the 200 free.

Ben Howard and CJ Arena had an awesome 200 IM race as they go 1-2.

Kevin Keane is up to speed winning the 50 free.

Collin Hayes takes first with his best 100 free of the season so far.

Freshman JD Sterbens rocked his best meet of the season.  Diver Jake Krotz anchored the 200 free relay.  And, Kevin Boyle is quickly improving in the free and breaststroke.

The Friars take the Show on the Road!

 Without any help from Mother Nature...  The Friars took off a day late, but packed two days with fun!

Both the Girls and the Boys teams were victorious against our long time friends, Paul VI.  Team camaraderie and spirit are always brought to new heights when we hit the road.  Great job by all!

Meet #7:

Friars Show Class in First Loss of the Season:

 The Friars walked off the deck with their heads held high as 8 State cut times and TWO school records were not enough to earn a win.

 Zach Towers and Sean Cannon lead the Friars as they set NEW School Records.

Zach swam a record setting 1:43.40 in the 200 free!

And Sean Cannon smoked the heat from the outside lane with a lightning 21.67 in the 50 free!

Kyle Barry swam a State Qualifying and first place 200 IM (1:59.08)

Our divers were all at their best as LeeAnn Santore and Alex Schnabel both scored huge for the Friars.

Zach Towers was a double winner with an incredible 51.14!

And John Tonna's second half in the 100 backstroke left no doubt who was first with a monstrous 52.74!


Yes, this meet was a loss... but the class, sportsmanship, effort, and performance was a career highlight for Coach Dan McBride. 



http://www.nysphsaa.org/portals/0/Images/Icons/pdf_icon_small.gif Results

2013 New York State Championships

Lady Friars capture Catholic State Crown, 11th overall.

The 200 Medley Relay team of Melissa Bischoff, LeeAnn Santore, Kylie Danin, & Meghan Slattery are bringing home the silver medal.


The 2013 Friars All-State Team

Melissa Bischoff (Senior)

Aileen Fitzgerald  (Junior)

Kylie Danin (Junior)

LeeAnn Santore (Junior)

Meghan Slattery  (Sophomore)

Jackie Zahn (Sophomore)

Erin Boyle (Sophomore)

Rachel Kunzler (Freshman)

Beth Caruana (Freshman)



The 2013 Paper Airplane Flying State Champion is Friar Meghan "Slatts" Slattery!


The Friar Swimming Diving Family extends our prayers and condolences to Coach Beth and her family on the passing of her mother-in-law, Adele Bolger.

Please keep Mrs. Bolger and the Bolger family in your prayers.


Lady Friars 4-peat at Champs

Newsday article click here

Coach Dan McBride was named NSGHSAA "Coach of the Year" as Senior Melissa Bischoff led the Lady Friars to their fourth consecutive league championship.

Bischoff broke her own State Catholic HS backstroke record in the preliminaries.  In the finals, she went out and won the 100 Butterfly and then crushed her newly-set backstroke record.  Bischoff blew-away the pack en route to her second gold medal of the meet.  Bischoff was a run-away winner for the Meet MVP award.

No one could compete with Megan Slattery as she proved to be the fastest Catholic HS sprinter in the state, as the sophomore came home with two gold medals (50 & 100 freestyle).

Junior Aileen Fitzpatrick swam a brilliant race in winning the gold medal in the 200 freestyle.  Fitzpatrick paced herself for 150 yards before swimming away from the pack and winning easily. Fitzpatrick was clutch in the 200 freestyle relay, as she touched out her opponent by 0.03 seconds in the last leg of the relay, giving the Friars yet another relay gold medal. 

Freshman Rachel Kuenzler crushed the championship heat, winning the gold medal in the 200 IM.  Kuenzler led from the start and built on her lead through each leg of the IM.

The Friars took home GOLD medals in all 3 relays (200 medley, 200 free, & 400 free).

In all, Friars swimmers garnished 9 of the 11 gold medals.

Stay tuned for more.


Uniform order form .... click here


On the 10th Anniversary of Scooby's Scouts, we have officially raised over $100k for Juvenile Diabetes!

I wish I had enough words to express the gratitude I have for so many people who have given their time, prayers, and yes, money, to help millions of children across the country who live with Type 1 Diabetes.  

The one bit of relief I can give you...  is that I know First Hand that you are making a difference!  Over the past 10 years, I have personally seen how living with diabetes has improved.  Yes, my son still pricks his finger 10 times a day, along with 3 or 4 shots of insulin... but improved monitors, diets, exercise programs, etc, have greatly reduced side effects of the disease. 

So it is with sincere gratitude from my Family to yours that I say... God Bless every one of you, and THANK YOU!


Champs are here!

Psych Sheets click here

Come out and cheer on the defending champion Friars in their quest for a 4-peat!

Trials are on Saturday, Nov 9th: 5:00 PM warm-up and 6:00 Start

FINALS are on Sunday, Nov 10th:   Warm-ups at noon .. Senior Walk at 12:45pm .. Finals at 1:00 PM

Senior Lauren Kneessy will lead us in the singing of the National Anthem.

Meet #9


It's official... again!   The Lady Friars finish their 4th Straight Undefeated Dual Meet Season!

Record:  9-0

 Congratulations to all our Seniors: Melissa Bischoff, Emma Guastella, Erica Swartwout, Nicole Mejia, Jess Zoine, and Lauren Kneessy!   This incredibly talented group of classy ladies finished their High School Swimming careers with a 36-0 record! 

The Friars coaching staff was in awe as the girls just couldn't wait to jump up on the blocks and swim!  They were on the border of uncontrollable energy.  Another good sign as our next meet is CHAMPS!

Swartwout and Vine go 1,2 in the 200 Free

Kudla and Pukulik go 1,2 in the 200 IM

Tonna and Graning to 1,2 in the 100 fly

Jess Zoine, Bianco, and Devon "Dev-o" dominate the 100 free

Emma Guastella Wins her final dual meet 500 free

Lauren Kryger wins the 100 back

Dev-i, Cassie G, and Kneessy dominate the 100 breast

 On Nov. 9th and 10th, this team will be swimming for it's 4th Straight Championship...

So put on your Black and Gold and...   CHEER!!!    Let's go FRIARS!  

Meet #8

Meghan Slattery leads the Friars in Win over Sacred Heart and qualifies for States in the 100 Free!

Record:  8-0

 Sacred Heart again proves to be the Friars toughest dual meet opponent, but the depth of the Lady Friars is just to tough to beat!

The strong Medley Relay of Bischoff, Meyers, Santore and Kuenzler puts the Friars right out in front with a 1:54.69.

Fitzpatrick, Boyle and Kudla provided a strong 200 free.

And here the Friars jump out with early team points as Danin, Smerechniak and Caruana go 1,2,3 in the 200 IM.

Meghan Slattery hits a perfect turn to win the 50 free.

Santore is just hundredths of a second off the 100 fly State cut for the third time this season, but takes a huge win!

Halfway through the meet we get a highlight as Slatts goes a lightning 53.97 State Qualifying 100 free!

(the Friars again break out into their "I believe in Meghan Slatts" cheer!)

Cassie Scandalious swims her season best 50 back

Bischoff, Caruana, and Rachel in the 100 back...  OMG!

Devin "Dev-i" Gilio wins the 50 breast

Freshman breaststroke sensation Katherine Meyers wins the 100 breast!


Team spirit hit an all time high this season...  and camaraderie has never been better!


Meet #7

Friars conquer 4 Wins in only 6 days!

Record:  7-0

The Friars looked the strongest in the final meet of the "4 in 6" stretch.  We now begin the final stretch leading into Champs!

 Freshman Lauren Kryger wins the 200 Free

Freshman Beth Caruana wins the 200 IM with a 2:20.8

Danin, Bischoff, and Zoine go 1,2,3 in the 50 free

Ashley Jiran is swimming her season best as she wins the 50 fly

Lee Ann, Emma, and Freshman Mary Tonna go 1,2,3 in the 100 fly

Kayla Bianco blows away her 100 free heat

Freshman Katherine Meyers wins the 100 free

Jillian swims a super strong 500 free

Bitsy continues to improve in every stroke, and wins the 50 back

Bischoff, Danin, and Rachel in the 100 back...  just WOW

Hard working Mary Bermudez wins the 50 Breast

"I believe in Meghan Slatts" wins the 100 breast


Meet #6

Friars win over St. Francis Prep in our closest meet of the season so far...

Record:  6-0

 SFP gave their best shot at trying to upset the Friars...

But the determination of the Friars is unmatched.

The Friars cheered early as an ALL FRESHMEN medley relay (Caruana, Meyers, Kryger, and Kuenzler) dominated with a 2:00.1 winning relay!

Jillian Smerechniak swam a rock solid 200 free

Slatts and Boyle gave us much needed points with a 1-2 50 free finish

Santore was blazing in the 100 fly

An extremely impressive performance was turned in by Aileen Fitzpatrick with a back to back, 500 free and 200 free relay anchor swim.  (and again turned in a great third swim in the final 400 free relay)

Freshman Cassie Scandalios had her best swim of the season in the 50 breast

Beth Caruana take another 100 back 1st place

and Nicole Mejia... Breaststroker???  YES!  :)

Meet #5

200 and counting

Record:  5-0

Lady Friars swim to Coach Dan's 200th career victory.

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It was an historic night for the Lady Friars, as family, fans, friends, and faculty came together to cheer Coach Dan on to his 200th career victory as Head Coach of the Lady Friars.

It is a huge accomplishment when any coach or any program wins 200 meets.  

The Lady Friars stepped up to the blocks and hit the finish pads hard - earning Coach Dan and his teams a place in St. Anthony's sports history.

Congratulations to Coach Dan & to all of the young ladies over the years who made this accomplishment possible.

Friars Senior Night turns into an all around celebration in win over SJB!


The Juniors admire our Seniors with nothing but respect in their speeches and cap it off with Lauren Kneessy's amazing rendition of our National Anthem!

(Lauren will also be singing at our Champs)

Freshman Brittany Kudla's IM was just as impressive as her distance freestyle events

Ashley Jiran rocks her best 50 free of the season so far

Katherine Meyers swims an awesome 100 fly

Distance swimmer Aileen Fitzpatrick sprints an awesome 100 free

Freshman Jillian Smerechniak proves there's not an event that she can't do with a commanding 400 freestyle win

Ashley, Erin, and Caroline go 1,2,3 in the 100 back

Cassie Gharnit wins an impressive 50 breast

Nicole Mejia...  breaststroker??  Yup!!

 Note from Coach Dan:

*  Special thanks to all our Seniors for sharing our special evening!

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to everyone who made this Milestone Meet so memorable for me.  I am truly blessed to have had so many amazing yet talented ladies swim for the Friars who made this achievement possible.  I remember it like it was yesterday when Christine Golden and Amy DeMarle asked me if I would like to coach their high school swim team at St. Anthony's.

So, to every and any person who has played a role in this team since that day:

Don Buckley, Brother Gary, all Coaches, Parents, and Moderators, EVERY Swimmer, and of course my family who had made so many sacrifices so I may coach the team that I love...  The St. Anthony's Friars!

PS:   When those "200" shirts went over the heads of every swimmer at the same exact time...  was truly one of the greatest moments of my now 27 year coaching career that I will Remember Forever!


Meet #4

Friars show a little muscle in win over TMLA!

Record:  4-0

After a 2 hour and 4 minute bus ride to Brooklyn Sports Club, the Lady Friars shine bright!

  Aileen Fitzpatrick's distance experience was evident as she wins both the 200 and 500 free.

Kylie, Jillian, and Katherine took an impressive 1,2,3 in the 200 IM

Slatts has a commanding final lap as she wins both the 50 and 100 free

LeeAnn Santore inches closer to that State Fly cut winning the 100 fly

Mary Tonna, Jess and Bitsy all had fantastic swims and go 1,2,3 in the 50 fly

Beth's final lap kicked into hyperspace as she wins the 100 back

Freshman Katherine Meyers continues to impress as she wins the 100 breast

Meet 3

Friars' streak continues

Record:  3-0

 The 4th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Meet with St. Dom's is another great success!

Immediately upon entering the Natatorium, you could feel the energy and excitement.  As the swimmers stretched Pink and White caps on their heads...  Competition and Camaraderie escalated at an alarming rate!

It was on!  And it brought on some of the closest racing of the season!

Aileen Fitzpatrick won the 200 free by only .06 seconds! Pink Team

LeeAnn Santore was blazing in the 200 IM with a win!  White Team

With 4 girls all swimming 34's, Kayla Bianco took the 50 Free win!  Pink Team

Heat 2 50 free gave Taylor Sforza first place with her personal best, 32.82m!  White Team

Practicing "touch outs" helped Jess Zoine with her .62 margin of victory in the 50 fly! Pink Team

Swimming as impressive as she has all season so far, Jillian Smerechniak won by .15 seconds! Pink Team

Joining LeeAnn with the only two large wins of the meet, was Meghan Slattery in the 100 free! White Team

Although exhausted from cheering like crazy, Nicole Mejia won the 50 back!  White Team

Freshman Beth Caruana showed off her backstroke skills winning the 100 back!  White Team

Devin Gilio stretched her arms forward to the wall for her .50 win in the 50 breast!  White Team

LeeAnn Santore got her second win of the meet in the 100 breast! White Team

And the final relay  (Rachel, Jackie Z, Erin, and Jillian) gave the Pink team an awesome victory!

After all the amazing close races...  we capped off the evening with an 8-man doggie paddle relay that was so close it brought all the swimming fans at the Natatoruim to their feet!

Thanks so much to Coach Caitlin and the swimmers of St. Dom's for your spirit and enthusiasm.

We'll do it again next year.

Meet 2

Friars defeat Holy Trinity

Record:  2-0

Lady Friars qualify their first State relay of the season in win over Holy Trinity

 The Friars were led by Melissa Bischoff, LeeAnn Santore, Kylie Danin, and Meaghan Slattery, as they qualify the St. Anthony's 200 Medley Relay for States!

Aileen Fitzpatrick was a double winner in both the 50 and 500 freestyle events.

Rachel Kuenzler and Beth Caruana (both freshmen) had awesome swims in the 100 back.

Jackie Zahn looked stronger than ever in the 100 free.

And back into her breaststroke form.... Cassie Gharnit won the 100 breast.

Meet 1

Friars get First win of the season over OLMA

Record:  1-0

Following a strong 6:00 am team practice, the depth of the Lady Friars was seen in the evening at the first dual meet of the season. 

Aileen Fitzpatrick had a fantastic 200 free. 

Katherine Meyers was extremely strong in BOTH the 200 IM and 100 Breast.

Erica Swartwout dominated the 50 free with a rocking personal best 27.63.

Jillian Smerechniak and Lauren Kryger were extremely impressive winning the fly events.

SLATTS!!  (are you kidding...) an uncontested 54.89 100 free.  Almost a tough State cut already!

Beth Caruana already showing a strong 500... and Brittney Kudla already hit her 500 personal best.

- Shout out to Meghan Boyle with an awesome effort to get to the meet to swim with her team in the 400 free relay!  



Friars in the News

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Flashback to 2005:  Best Ever Friar Freshman Class

The Friar Freshman of 2005 included:  

Alana Biagioli, Catherine Campa, Taylor Cannon, Emily DiDonato, Brianne Dwyer, Erin Kosubinsky, Mary Kruse, MaryKate Morcerf, Lindsey Parmiter, Celine Rivera, Sam Schlich, Marisa Taddeo, Meredith Vanderveldt, Joanna Vetere, & Keira Yeager

Photo of the 2005 CHSAA State Team


Lady Friars look dominant at the season opening Relay Carnival

The Friar "Freshies" were a perfect compliment to our Varsity veterans at the Relay Carnival. 

Mary Tonna, Lauren Kryger, Cassie Scandalios, and Katherine Meyers put on a "show" in the 4x100 IM relay!

Rachel Kuenzler and Beth Caruana are living up to the hype of how "tough" they are!

Danielle McCabe, Devon Connolly (Dev-O) and Devin Gilio (Dev-i) were awesome -  swimming the 50's in the free crescendos! 

Brittany Kudla, Hana Heavey (not really a freshie cause she's a sophomore) and Jillian Smerechniak gave us great breaststroke swims!

And our newest "Boyle," Meghan, let off our distance crescendo that was an awesome comeback relay anchored by her Big Sister, Erin!

The meet ended in a highlight "8 man" (women) 8x25 - 200 Freestyle Relay where TMLA, SFP, and OLMA all agreed to an all out "stacked" race!  

The Friars had SIX of their 8 girls break a 12 second split as the nudged out TMLA for the WIN with a league record 1:34.80!

What a way to kick off the 2013 season!





Friday, September 27th.  5:00 PM warm-up at Eisenhower

The Lady Friars will be led into the 2013 Season by:

  • Senior Backstroke-sensation Melissa Bischoff (pictured above)
  • 2012 CHSAA MVP Junior Kylie Danin
  • Junior Flyer, Breaststroker, & IM'er LeeAnn Santore, and
  • Junior Distance & Mid-Distance Freestyler Aileen Fitzpatrick.

Put on your Black and Gold and come cheer on the Friars! 


Sports Clearance Information click here


The Girls' 2013 Meet Schedule is posted.


Girls Swim Team Information for NEW Swimmers & Divers

 Blue Cards:

“Blue Cards” are picked up in the AD’s (Athletic Director, Mr. Donal Buckley) Office.  The Blue Card, proof of current physical, and insurance money ($20) are brought to the Nurses’ Office.  Once approved, the nurse then stamps the blue card, which is then brought back to the AD’s Office and the athlete is put on the “Cleared to Participate” list for swimming.


Tryouts this year for all NEW swimmers will be held on Tues. Sept. 3rd at 6 AM at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium. 

Half Hollow Hills Natatorium is 1/2 mile East of St. Anthony's on Wolf Hill Road


Practices are held every Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6-7 am at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium (our “home” pool).  The swimmers are then bussed to St. Anthony’s for school.


Our season consists of approx. 7-8 dual meets vs. other Catholic Schools in the NSCHSGAA League.  Our “home” meets are held on Sat. evenings.  We also have one non-league meet in Jan. (boys and girls teams) vs. Paul VI which is a travel meet every other year.  This year will be a Travel meet. 


“Champs” is a two day Trial/Final pre-seeded meet.  It is mandatory to attend this meet whether you are swimming in the meet or not.  For more info on Champs:  please see the article in the “Coaches Corner” of our website.  www.FriarSwimming.com


Qualifying times are posted on our web site.  Please click on the “cut times” button.  States this year will be held in Ithaca.

Web Site:

Our team web site is:   www.FriarSwimming.com

General Info:

We are one Varsity team consisting of all grades 9-12.

Nurse’s Summer Hours:


Tryouts for all CURRENT Girls Varsity Swimmers:

Your tryouts will be held on: Tuesday, August 27th at 6:00 am (regular time)

You MUST be cleared to swim!  NO exceptions!

All swimmers & divers must be cleared with the AD's office in order to tryout.  

BLUE Cards must be turned in.  NO Exceptions!


Alumni Updates

Christian Yeager (Friars '12, Harvard '16) was named to the
 College Swimming Coaches Association of America 
NCAA Division I Men's Swimming and Diving 
Scholar All-American Team

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The Honorable Mention Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimmers and divers, who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, for the semester or cumulative average, and have achieved an "NCAA B" time standard.  As a freshman, Christian also swam the 4th fastest time in Harvard history in the 200 Individual Medley, the 8th fastest time in Harvard history in the 200 backstroke, and the 7th fastest all-time in the 400 Individual Medley.  All of these times qualified as NCAA-B cuts.  

Roger Williams University will forever name their "RWU Community Service Award" after our own Jacqui Cohen ('08)!

Katie Finnegan ('01) was recognized by News 12 for starting her own successful internet business, Hukkster.com.  Congratulations!

 Josh Willis ('08) is currently doing Chemical Engineering Research for Stanford University, CA!  

Gerard Bertuch ('07) got engaged to be married!

Melissa Bischoff has been awarded USA Swimming 2012-13 Scholastic All-American


Friar Swimmer Erica Swartwout ('14) has been selected to the US National Crew Team!

She is currently competing against Canada and Mexico at an International competition.

Congratulations Erica!


The Streak is over!!!

Coach Beth delivered our First Friar BABY GIRL!

We are now 13 and ONE (13 boys and 1 girl) for the Friar Coaching Staff.

Evangeline Elizabeth is a beautiful 8lbs, 2oz, Red Hair and Dimples!


Welcome to the Friar Family, Baby Evangeline!