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Captains Emily Bardak Pleasant Palmer Gabby Mattutat


2018 Boys State Swimming Chamipions 


Friars win State Championship! 

1st:  Friars 250 points

2nd:  Ward Melville 218 points

3rd:  Fordham Prep 212 points

The St. Anthony's Friars Boys Swimming and Diving Team are the 

2018 New York State Federation CHAMPIONS!!!

It was a performance like no other.

You had to be there to appreciate what this TEAM was able to accomplish.  We were not the favorites, not by a long shot.

All the talk was if Fordham Prep can defeat the talent of Ward Melville.  Some thought Chaminade had it in the bag and were surprised by the talk of Fordham and Ward Melville giving them a run.  

But this group of underdogs...  long forgotten for their 3 straight undefeated dual meet seasons due to a respectable 3rd place finish to two of the strongest/largest teams in the State, came to the Nassau Aquatic Center for one purpose:


Everyone stepped up.  They had to.  For not one of them won a single event... nor did we win a single relay.

BUT... they DID score points!   Event after event, we kept scoring.  Meet Mobile (when working) started showing St. Anthony's on top. 

Suddenly the chatter changed.

**   "can you hold them off?"

(how about... can they hold us off ???)

The Friars were on a mission!  We were the one team with ALL THREE RELAYS in Finals!   That's points Friar Fans!

We had swimmers in every event but one...  That's points Friar Fans!

Even Newsday has missed the fact that this tough group of guys swam as a TEAM, and WON... as a TEAM!

Compliments to our Captains, whether swimming or not, were there supporting and pushing their teammates to go beyond their limits and most important believe that after two long days of competition, we will be victorious.  The team even complimented them and thanked them for the endless support.  

To the State team:   All the text messages you all sent each other in the group text... somehow save them.  Those are lifetime memories that you will want to keep forever.  I learn just as much from you as you do from me.  Seeing your effort raises the bar to make be a better coach.  Thank you guys!

To the Friars praying and cheering at home:  We are a TEAM.  Everything that has taken place since this season began 138 days ago has made a difference.  Every workout attended.  Every race of every event at every meet.  Every cheer.  Every compliment and positive word of encouragement said to every teammate has mattered.  WE ARE FRIARS.  It all brought us to this incredible weekend where we can now call ourselves:


You have that title for life.  It can never be taken away.  Your family and friends will know you are a State Champion.  Eventually, so will your kids and grandkids.  Point being... it's forever!

I can't wait till the night you guys get to show off your new State Rings!

I am so blessed to be coach, 

Coach Dan



2017 Girls State Swimming Chamipions 
Ithaca, New York

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Emily Bardak

Briana Gellineau 

Gabby Mattutat 

Amanda Heinz

Michelle Franco

Danielle Pikulik 

Kiersten Clancy 

Kayla Rutigliano 



St. Anthony’s Men’s Swim Team 2017-18

This was an extremely talented group trying out for the Boys Varsity Swimming/Diving Team.  Everyone did an amazing job!  I congratulate all of you on your hard work and tremendous effort!  The following have made the team for the 2017-18 season. 

Please come to practice Tuesday, October 31, 2017



Ryan Arbeeny

Dylan Cellamare

Richard Chiarella

Ryan Gaffney

Jack Iorio

Caleb Neugebauer

Aiden O’Toole

Thomas Rosselli

Sean Sullivan


Trevor Griffin

Sean Kotch

Joseph McLaughlin

Cole McNulty

Connor McVea

Mark Owens

Sebastian Quiceno

Timothy Rupnarain

Chris Stange

William Swartwout

Joe Welling

Jonathan Wu

Danny Zahn


Regan Bruno

Dylan Champagne

Michael Chang

Ian Fitzpatrick

Joshua Giardinelli

Konall Keane

Justin Meyn

Michael Stoski

Connor Sullivan


Jordan Fargo

Rory Hughes

Connor Lucas

Kate McKevitt

Fred Rupmarian

Burke Sansiviero

Connor Towers



2017 Lady Friars

Eight Straight! 

According to many writers and scholars, the number 8 represents balance and power.  Spiritualists say it represents infinity. 

This year, the Lady Friars had all that.  They were a team of balance, power, and infinite respect for their teammates.  With all that combined together… this TEAM was again unstoppable.  EIGHT Straight years!!  Is that incredible or what?  Let’s take a moment and think of how incredible:

(What can I say… I’m a coach and my brain works in numbers and stats)

For example:  Let’s just take our Seniors.  Yes, the 6 who just finished their Friar careers at a perfect 36-0!

Seniors, if a team wants to beat your current Friar winning streak…

And they started next year…

They would finish in the year 2026, and you will all be 27 years old!

Does that put the Friars 8 Straight into perspective?


We just came off our two incredibly successful dual meets vs Sacred Heart and The Mary Louis Academy.  They were monumental dual meets and our team was pushed harder than we have been since our “streak” started in 2009.  Compliments to our seniors and captains, we talked about how this would be a tough year and how close those two meets would be way back in August.  Following their lead, this entire team worked their butts off right from day one.  When it came time to swim those two dual meets: yes, this team was very nervous… but they were prepared.  We [the coaches] did have to write our lineups around how healthy Briana’s shoulder was, but God is good to me and answered my prayers and we had complete lineups with the entire team ready to go. 

The end result:  Eight straight Undefeated dual meet seasons!


The Lady Friars were able to exhale a bit.  Before we even thought about Champs, we were all focused on winning the dual meet season.  Plus, we now got a good look at just how fast those two teams really were.  So a few new deep breaths… and we look forward to Champs!

Seeing SHA and TMLA, we [the coaches] knew that our depth was our strength. We had to use every bit of it for a run at this one.  SHA has the fastest girls in the league, but we knew that TMLA was going to have the better 4th entry of the two teams.  So we were going to be challenged with two very different teams. 


After a beautiful week, a cold front came in for Champs weekend… but God had the sun poke out just for my walk across the parking lot to the Nassau Aquatic Center.  I was trying to calm my own nerves so I was still singing Liam Gallagher’s “Chinatown” in my head right up until I met Jenn Nagle at the door.  She greeted me with a huge confident smile.  That calmed my nerves just a bit as I entered the building dripping with a sea of different team colors.  I approached our Black and Gold team area, and I was already all business.  Pulling programs, watches, etc, from my bag… 

My team of Champions were smiling and hanging posters, calling out “Hi, Coach Dan”,
(Regan, Kate, Skye, Anna, Kiersten, Abby, etc… ) all waving from the top of our bleacher section.  You know, they teach me as much as I could teach them. 

I stopped, put my bag in the corner and dropped my new team windbreaker on it.  I followed their lead.  I stopped with the paperwork/watch formalities and I said hello to my team, shaking their hands, patting them on the shoulders and slapping the “high five” hands that were offered to me. I looked around at the nervous smiles but saw the excitement in their eyes.  It made me smile back and I hope they saw in my face that I believed in them.


Our warm up lanes were packed as always.  We’re used to it.  Coaches Liz, Scott and Gennie were already hard at work keeping the 38 girls organized while I reviewed all our relay options discussed at our coaches meeting.  Our girls did a great job qualifying our Medley and 400 Free relays during the season.  With so many talented girls, we didn’t “tip our hat” to the other teams as to who we were swimming our Finals relays and used so many Friars in Trials.  We also got to see who was swimming for other teams, so our plan was executed perfectly.


It’s finally here!  After 67 days from the start of this season’s journey… it’s finally here!  Our 200 Medley Relay is walking together across the bulkhead and the Lady Friars behind me are on their feet.  The clapping and cheers around the pool area begin to grow as anticipation of what everyone knows will be a great meet is now upon us. 

“Backstrokers, step in.”

** Our medley relay was swum perfectly by Sydney Berhardt, Jenn Nagle, Hanna Skrodanes, and Sarah Schatz in Trials.


Feet first… Kayla Rutigliano jumps in.  “Take your mark…”

Kayla’s kick-out is EXACTLY on the 15 yard marker, and the Friars already have their first lead! Kayla has the fastest backstroke split in the field with a 27.93… and off the block is Danielle Pikulik.  She has been rock solid all season long and she split a 30.5!  She is followed by one of our toughest fighters, Michelle Franco.  So much more consistent this year, she gets off the block with a great start and splits a 27.53 fly leg!  I’m already so excited I cheered and hit Coach Gennie’s shoulder… (sorry for the bruise).  Gabby has made her reputation as a tough closer because she has been doing it her entire Friar career.  Now in her senior year, she did it again with a 25.5 split and the Lady Friars have their first 1st place finish of 2017 with a State Qualifying 1:51.56!   This relay ignited the Friars… and the energy level is already exploding!

Freshman Izzy Marone had her first real pressure swim of the season, the always tough 200 free.  Talk about being thrown into the fire.  After a nervous Trials… Izzy came back to Finals with a vengeance.  She was a whole new swimmer.  (sound like a familiar freshman Champs Nasti?) She was indeed a confident Friar and ready to go!  She Blew Away her heat by a full 5 seconds… and the cheers behind me (Izz-ee… Izz-ee…) put a well deserved smile on Izzy’s face.  Her very first Friar points!  Amanda Nasti is now a well seasoned veteran at Champs.  She now rises to the occasion every time.  Nasti’s 7th place, 204.19 200 free brought on the Friar cheer:  A-A-man-da Nas-ti…  Clap, Clap…  Clap, Clap, Clap…

High fives all around…

Early in the season, Kiersten Clancy wasn’t too keen on swimming the 200.  But the more experience she got, the hungrier (is that a word?) she got to really do well in the event.  The result: she kept dropping her time.  So much so, she swam an unbelievable best time 202.57 and finished in 5th place overall! 

For the ultimate Friar Fan, and those who were at the STA-TMLA dual meet, your eyes were focused on the two middle lanes.  That’s right… Joanna McNulty (TMLA) and our own Briana Gellineau are about to go head to head again!  Can we re-live that awesome Briana “touch-out” that we just jumped up and down for a week earlier?  Oh yes we can!

These two superstars just go all out.  I mean a thrill to watch.  And to make it really special…  Briana not only won the event with another thrilling half a second touch out, but she broke a 13 year old record with a:

Ready for this…? 

A blazing 1:51.46!  Holy fast!  (I could use that on my boys team!)  I was ready to jump out of my seat as I was typing this again.

**  States edit:  Briana went on to place 3rd overall in NYS!!!

Throughout our current undefeated run, we have been very dominant in the 200 IM.  This year would be no different.  As the season went on, we did a lot of moving Danielle Pikulik around deciding on what her second event would be.  She knew all along she would swim just where her team needed her most.  And she was spectacular as she swam two best times and finished 12th overall with a 2:23.68.   Right with her was her freshman teammate Sarah Jean Farrell.  This girl has so much potential and I can’t wait to see what her Friar Future has in store for her.  Her best asset… she can race!  Her Friar Champs individual event debut yielded an 11th place 2:23.60 swim!

In the Final heat… dead center…

Two Black and Gold FRIAR caps.  Best thing about our caps… you can read them from across the pool.  Well, these two caps belong to Emily Bardak and Amanda Heinz.  I actually had to yell at the team behind me because the cheering at the start of this heat was like being at a high pitched screaming Nickelodeon concert.  Quiet for the start… (please!)

Amanda Heinz qualified for States in Trials, so pressure was off, and she could just concentrate on swimming.  As a result, she went another personal best time of 2:11.84 and finished 2nd overall!  In the lane next to her… reaching over the lane to congratulate her teammate was Friar Emily Bardak.  She just finished a blistering State Qualifying 2:07.97 and is now a back to back to back (that’s right… 3 time) 200 IM Champion!  How incredible is that?  Personally, it was an honor for me to hand out the finals medals to both Amanda and Emily.

** States edit:  Emily Bardak went on to finish 9th overall in NYS!

Oh, the crazy 50 free.  Twenty-something seconds of your heart feeling like it’s going to pound out of your chest.  Why does my anxiety go so crazy?  I’m like a thrill junkie waiting for all the races to start.

For Starters, Deijah Harris swam the 50 free.  This girl has a heart of gold (Friar gold) and works as hard as any one of her teammates.  I can’t even put into words how proud I am of her Friar career and all those personal best times along the way.  Along with Deijah, freshman Anna Descovich, Sophomore Abby Federlein, and junior Regan Bruno ALL swam personal best 50 free times.  (all 4 grades 9-12 were covered right there! – how cool).

What a freshman season for Arianna Alladio-Zacpal… this girl is one serious Friar!  To be successful in any sport, sure you need talent, but most of all you need drive and to be “coachable”.  Arianna has both.  That is what fueled her 26.80 13th place finish in the 50 free!  Michelle Franco had an incredible 2nd 25 and roared up in the field to swim an awesome 27.23.  The top sprinters in the league this year (all teams) were amazing.  Amongst them were our top two Friar finalists, Gabby Mattutat and Frankie Pellegrino.  As Joanie Cash (SHA) tore up the league record… along side of her, fighting like the Friars they are, Frankie finished 4th with a 26.03, and touching the wall right behind her was Gabby Mattutat with a 26.33! 

OK… if you were in the stands watching and wondering why we were going so crazy on the deck at this point;  we really needed those huge swims.  That was a tight heat with 7 places separated by less than 1 second…  Whew! That’s why I was having a heart attack and gave a monster high five to Coach Scott as we celebrated those 50 freestyle swims. 

If there is one event that we dominate, it’s the 50 fly.  How about this…  our Ladies finished 4 of the top 5!  That’s right.  A swimmer with some of my favorite stroke techniques of all time, Sydney Bernhardt finished 5th (32.14).  Always cheering for her teammates first, Sarah Schatz finished 4th (31.91).  Thank goodness she got healthy enough for Champs, freshman Bella Filagrossi finished 2nd (31.06).  And finally, I actually call her a 50 fly specialist, mostly because she almost never loses… Hanna Skrodanes took 1st with a dominating 30.28!

The 100 fly – Coach Scott’s favorite!  Yeah, it still is.  I can tell because it’s only event where he paces.  Emily Teplansky is a well rounded swimmer and those are the best assets a team can have when writing a Champs lineup.  She swam an awesome 100 fly finishing 14th overall.  The rest (3 more) are all in Finals!  That’s right, big event for the Lady Friars.

(can you tell Coach Dan is happy about the much needed points we are about to get???)

Finishing in 6th overall with her lightning turns and a blistering 28.7 split was Michelle Franco and her 1:02.36.  Touching the wall in 4th place and just ahead of her was Gabby Mattutat with her 1:02.27!  Our top Friar was Air Force Academy bound Emily Bardak!  She swam an awesome 58.50 and finished 2nd!  What a Friar performance… and so it began:

Woooh…. Oh, oh, oh- oh…   Oh, oh, oh-oh…

The bleachers were rocking!  The Friars moved up and down in unison and I almost thought I was back at Shea Stadium when it used to move!  The team is psyched, and the chanting didn’t stop.      Ever!

Our 100 freestyle girls are pumped! 

Think the 50 fly was dominant?  How about the timed final 100 free…

The Lady Friars go 1-2-3-4!  That’s right Friar Fans. 

4th – Kathleen Scanlon (104.09) 3rd – Jenn Nagle – (103.86) 2nd – Alannah Chernik (103.43), and a dominating event win for Vanessa Franco who had an unbelievable Champs! (1:01.28)

The 100 free Finals was thought to be a test for us.  Knowing Joanie Cash (SHA, 50.93) and Orla Egan (TMLA, 51.75) were going to tear up the pool in the top spots, we’d have to hit ‘em like the Friars always do:  As a Team and with depth!

How deep? Well how about Senior Pleasant Palmer who had the swimming weekend of her life getting into Finals with her 57.88 and finishing 8th!  WOO!   Right with her was teammate Frankie Pellegrino with an awesome 57.90. 

(“Clancy…  get that turnover faster!”)   That’s what I’m screaming at that poor girl as we [coaches] try to rev her up for a big swim.  Well, that she did as Kiersten Clancy places 5th with a 56.83! 

We needed another big 100 freestyler this season.  Complimenting her backstroke, Kayla Rutigliano was just that swimmer.  She is one tough competitor and placed 4th overall as a freshman with a 55.16!  What a swim.

Pleasant, Frankie, Clancy and Kayla just scored 84 points for the Friars in one event!


Woooh…. Oh, oh, oh- oh…   Oh, oh, oh-oh…


As a whole, our league has gotten faster the past few years; but no event has gotten as fast as the 500 free.  The depth of [league] talent is incredible to watch.  Just for example, the top 6 girls all qualified for States in Ithaca.  6! 

To compare:  the 200 free, 200 and 400 free relays were next with 3 qualifiers each.  The 500 free Finals was the heat of the meet.

Needing depth for this one, we called upon two freshmen to step up… and that they did.  Both Sarah Skala (5:47.94) and Catherine Iorio (5:40.05) dropped two seconds off their prelim times and scored for the Friars in 14th and 12th place.  Talk about awesome Friar Debuts!  Knowing very well how grueling but satisfying the 500 is… Amanda Nasti pulled off another awesome Champs swim with a 5:36.04 and finished 10th! 

Heading to Finals, we have to remember the “road to the 500” that Briana Gellineau had this year.  Only two weeks prior, Briana had to rest a shoulder injury that she was medically cleared for days before the Sacred Heart meet.  Only able to swim the 50 and 100 free at that point, the lineup was written around her capabilities.  (Swimmers Amanda Nasti, Sarah Farrell, and Catherine Iorio stepped up for us there).  The Ladies conquered that challenge.  She was able to swim the 200 free for the TMLA meet.  (Heinz, Iorio and Farrell handled the 500).  Finally, only 1 week later, Briana was again swimming the 5.  She battled with the best of the best and gave the Friars a 4th place finish with a 5:02.70!

*** States edit:  Both Briana Gellineau and Emily Bardak swam the 500 at States.  Emily wanted the challenge of making Finals… and as Emily always does; she embraces every challenge and goes full on.  Goal reached:  Emily finished in 10th in NYS with a 5:02.71!  (Through Emily’s Friar career, she competed in the 200 free, 200 IM, 100 Fly, 100 Free, and now also the 500 free.  INCREDIBLE)  Briana with another two weeks of training under her belt felt great in the water and was able to give her usual 110%.  She went on to Break a 13 year, (and 17 days to be exact) School Record held by Jackie Fasano!  Briana Gellineau finished 6th overall in NY State swimming a blazing 5:00.10!

Big discussions went into the 200 free relay this year.  For starters, it was the only relay not yet qualified for States.  Normally, I would never turn down an extra shot at making States, but with the threat of two other strong teams… we had a Championship to win and needed to play our hand smart.  I went beyond just talking to the coaches and included Emily and Briana to see where the confidence level was.  We discussed how awesome Amanda Heinz was swimming and that Kiersen Clancy can handle the pressure. I had no doubt they would qualify in Finals.  Everyone agreed.

So we chose our Trials swimmers wisely, and got incredible swims from Frankie Pellegrino (26.96 flat start), Freshman Arianna Alladio Zacpal (26.83), Freshman Izzy Marone (28.67) and Pleasant Palmer (27.16). 

On to Finals, these relays are going to be FAST!

But that’s ok… so are Friars!

Our girls needed a 25.5 average for us to be under the State cut.  If this relay sees Emily split under that… they will be psyched and follow.  Emily’s flat start split… 25.18!  Way under!  Amanda Heinz is tearing up the pool all weekend and is also under with a 25.41!  Clancy had great swims in the 200 and 100 free and earned a spot on the Finals relay.  She swims a 25.98 and we are still in good shape because our anchor is Briana.  She splits a 24.19 and the Friars finish 3rd overall AND qualify for States with a 1:40.76!  Whew…  that was awesome.

States edit: At States, with Gabby not having her extra events, she swam in Finals where our team dropped again to a 1:40.36 where Briana anchored with a 23.92!  (yes, one more time… a 23.92!)

In the 50 back,

** I have to give a special shout out to Kate McKevitt.  For four years this girl was willing to swim anything to help her teammates.  She finished her Friar career in the 50 back and of course a personal best time.  Way to go Kate!  Our other 3 backstrokers were all on top giving the Friars a 1-2-3 sweep.  Alannah Cherink (34.75) in 3rd, Skye Bates (34.14) in 2nd, and our 50 back champion is Vanessa Franco blowing away the competition with a 31.63!  I pulled Vanessa aside to give her a special congratulation.  She really had an amazing swimming weekend and was a double winner.  Vanessa is one Tough Friar.

The 100 back was going to be a nail biter.  From what I’ve heard, parents in the stands were feeling the pressure as much as I was.  (I actually enjoyed hearing all your post-Champs “stands stories”.)

With Lily getting sick… we were only down to 3 scoring Friars.  (and let’s not forget Beth Caruana, our backstroke champion, had graduated).  Well, our Backstroke event is now in the hands of not 1, not 2, but 3 freshmen!

I’m pacing.  (And I have to watch out for Michelle Wolf right next to me on her crutches screaming her head off all day… and I don’t want to nock her over!  Ugg!)  Well, with SHA and TMLA each having 3 swimmers in finals, our 3 freshmen did incredible.  Sarah Skala had a monstrous swim as she WON the consolation heat and placed 9th with a 1:05.47.  Sarah Farrell moved from her 7th seed to 6th overall as she dropped another second and swam a 1:04.96.  (that was Big!)  

But… out in front of ‘em all was the awesome Black and Gold Friar Cap on the head of Kayla Rutigliano.  That girl hates to lose and thank God for that because her swim sparked her team right back up.

Woooh…. Oh, oh, oh- oh…   Oh, oh, oh-oh…

Kayla finished with a State qualifying 58.82!

State edit:  Kayla went on to finish 19th overall in NY State!

Our 50 breaststrokers were another young group; 2 sophomores and 2 freshmen.  Jenn Nagle, Maria Hernandez, Olivia Ramos, and our top 50 breaststroker Sofia Marinucci did an awesome job.

Heading into the 100 breast… the Friar “chants” continued:

** Louder:     Woooh…. Oh, oh, oh- oh…   Oh, oh, oh-oh…

Danielle Pikulik actually said how it was getting her so psyched.  There’s no power on the pool deck like teammates pushing each other to go beyond what they believe.

Woooh…. Oh, oh, oh- oh…   Oh, oh, oh-oh…

Freshman Emily Teplansky actually had a great meet and swam a second personal best 1:17.53 in the 100 breast finishing 14th.  Gracie Edmonds had an incredible season.  I personally put a lot more pressure on her during the season to prepare her for Champs.  Gracie was all smiles after her 1:15.44 10th place finish! 

As the Friars chant their way into the 100 breast, we have two of the top breaststrokers in the middle lanes.  The team was juiced, and down on the deck by the Friars… it was LOUD.

Swimming through the cheers… it’s a 1-2 Friar finish with 2nd place Danielle Pikulik with a 1:07.86 and putting her hands on the wall first was Amanda Heinz!  What a swim!  Second fastest 100 breast in Friar history with a 1:06.83!

That event pretty much put us over the edge to secure the Championship… but there is one more event left. The Granddaddy!  (isn’t that right, Coach Scott?? Haha)

The play here is to not false start.  We must be safe off the block and we once again make history.  But these Friars, especially these 4, want to leave with a statement.  They, as well as their teammates, want to cheer and celebrate their victory… Friar Style!

The anticipation of the race had us all on edge.  The Friars behind us are standing on the bleachers.  The parents across the pool are either holding their breath with their fingers interlocked… or cheering out loud because even they can’t take the pressure anymore. 

Woooh…. Oh, oh, oh- oh…   Oh, oh, oh-oh…

Emily Bardak is shaking out her legs and arms.  Half is nerves, half is preparing to race.  Of course Emily knows her teammates behind her want to see a great split show up on that board.  As Emily goes… the relay goes.

Admittedly, I’m a little choked up and emotional this being Emily’s final Champs swim.  For 4 years she has been an inspiring spirit making everyone around her including me, better.  I peek over at Coach Liz and her eyes are watered up and that was the last thing I needed to see.  Putting my head down to clear my eyes, I do my nervous “circle walk” that I apparently do in these situations. 

Inhale… exhale…

Ok, I’m ready.   I hope this relay is!

Emily takes off and we [the team] erupt!  Awesome as always… she touches out the incredible Joanna McNulty (TMLA) by .6 seconds and splits a 53.16!  What a swim (what a career!). 

Here is where the race surprises…   Kayla Rutigliano takes off:  and takes off like a rocket!  She out splits everyone by over a second and a half and the Friars are way out in front with Kayla’s 54.65 split!  Amanda Heinz just swam the 200 free relay, 100 breast, and now right back on the block in the 400 free relay.  She empties the tank.  Amanda is lighting with a 54.38 split! 

True, SHA and TMLA have two of the best anchor swimmers there are…

But we have Briana Gellineau!  Briana will NOT be out split… not today.

All the girls are tearing up the pool, but Briana can not be caught.  Especially because she swims the fastest split of the meet with a 51.64!  (are you kidding me?!?)   Briana’s hand on the touchpad made it official.  All of it:

The Friars have Won the 400 free relay with a State Qualifying final time of 3:33.83 AND once again make League History with EIGHT Undefeated Championship seasons!  This team surely Earned this one!

State edit:   This same relay went on to be 3rd overall in NY State with a NEW St. Anthony’s school record with the following splits:

Check these out:  Bardak (52.48) Rutigliano (53.95) Heinz (55.18) and Gellineau (51.16) for a relay time of…

3:32.77!   Holy Fast!

768.5 Championship points, and it took a TEAM to EARN every one of them.  (and the .5 too!).  I couldn’t be more proud.

Neither could our Captains as they presented the Championship Plaque to their fellow seniors and Friar Teammates.  As all the phones come out so that the social media world can instantly know we are Champions, I took a moment to look around at the faces.  The season’s roller coaster of emotions has all ended in just one… pure elation.  I am so Blessed that I was again front and center to witness and cheer for it all. 

Team chants finally fizzled into team photo time.  Each Lady Friar then walked off the pool deck tall and proud.  A feeling that will last a lifetime!


Special thanks to all my coaches.  You know how special you are to me.

Thanks to all the Friar Parents and Friar Fans.  Without your continued support none of this is possible.

To anyone I forgot to write about… I’m so sorry.  I promise you a standing ovation when this team celebrates at their Championship Award Dinner J

 Blessed to be called your Coach,

 -Coach Dan



Friars Give Back!  - Challenger Surf Camp

Challenger Athletics is dedicated to giving children with special needs an outlet to play a sport that is usually unavailable to them.

Challenger Surf Camp was a day at Gilgo Beach dedicated to helping special needs kids Surf!   It was an amazing day well represented by the Friars... especially the swimmers!

Thank you for your time and dedication to this incredible event:

Friars, Michelle Franco, Joey Welling, Justin Meyn, Izzy Malone, Connor Sullivan, Josh Giardinelli, and Kristin Carter.

Friars give a strong performance at the Relay Carnival!

This year looks to be a perfect mix of veterans and new Friars.  Our senior leadership is off to a great start, and our new Lady Friars are already doing the Black and Gold proud!

Once again, the Friars brought the house down winning the final 8x25, 200 freestyle relay!  The streak continues as we haven't lost that relay yet!  


Come support the Lady Friars as they face OLMA this Tuesday, Sept. 19th in their first dual meet of the season.

7:30 start at Chaminade HS!



Anna Descovich

Sarah Farrell

Bella Filagrossi

Catherine Iorio

Sofia Marinucci

Isabelle Marone

Olivia Ramos

Michaela Rutigliano

Sarah Skala

Emily Teplansky

Arianna Alladio Zacpal


Skye Bates

Gracie Edmonds

Abigail Federlein

Michelle Franco

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Girls Swim Team Info for NEW swimmers


It is required that you register with the Appryse App.  You can find the info on the school web site:

**  Please make sure your doctor physical is only ONE page, your insurance money ($25) is paid to St. Anthony’s, and that you check the box “Intends to participate in FALL SPORTS” on the Appryse app.

Fall 2017 Tryouts:

Tryouts this year for all NEW swimmers will be held on Tues. Sept. 5th at 6 AM at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium. 

Half Hollow Hills Natatorium is 1/2 mile East of St. Anthony's on Wolf Hill Road


Practices are held every Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6-7 am at Half Hollow Hills Natatorium (our “home” pool).  The swimmers are then bussed to St. Anthony’s for school.


Our season consists of approx. 7-8 dual meets vs. other Catholic Schools in the NSCHSGAA League.  Our “home” meets are held on Sat. evenings.  We also have one non-league meet in Jan. (boys and girls teams) vs. Paul VI which is a travel meet every other year.  This year we will be a travel meet to Washington DC, Fairfax, VA.


“Champs” is a two day Trial/Final pre-seeded meet.  It is mandatory to attend this meet whether you are swimming in the meet or not.  For more info on Champs:  please see the article in the “Coaches Corner” of our website.


Qualifying times are posted on our web site.  Please click on the “cut times” button.

Web Site:

Our team web site is:

General Info:

We are one Varsity team consisting of all grades 9-12.

Tryouts for all CURRENT Girls Varsity Swimmers:

Your tryouts will be held on: Tuesday, August 29th at 6:00 am (regular time)

You MUST be cleared to swim!  NO exceptions!

All Swimmers must be Cleared with the AD's office to tryout.  NO Exceptions